Misty Monte Verde, Costa Rica

On to our next destination, welcome to misty Monte Verde!


Until today I don’t know if we took the correct road because it was more than 60km ‘off road’.
We drove maybe 30km/h of road until our next location, before it was a normal road.
We were a bit anxious because it was raining back in Arenal, but the further we drove the better it got!

20170324_091527 20170324_092109

Monte Verde is a small ‘mountain’ village, surrounding all kind of activities.
But one thing we noticed immediately was that we saw why they called it misty Monte Verde.
I thought they were watering the plants but it’s just the climate over here and because of that it will get ‘misty’.
The temperature is nice, not too hot at day times and just cool enough in the evening to wear a sweater and trousers.

Bat Cave
We went to a bat cave 5min from town, it’s a place where people can educate themselves about all sorts of bats and to become aware why we need bats in our lives.
There is also a guide that explains everything and you can ask all kind of questions.
Afterwards you can go to the ‘cave’, it’s a dark place where there are 3 kinds of bats behind a glass wall.
What’s special about the cave is that there is a high sensitive microphone, so you can actually hear bats flying and hear them make noise.

20170322_162733 (1)

Later that day we had a drink at one of the rarest restaurants in Costa Rica.

It’s a restaurant build within a tree.
In the rest of the village you can get great meals and have some drinks, not too late though.
Because all activities and in general, life starts pretty early in Costa Rica.

20170323_140126 20170323_141344 (1)
20170323_140244 (1)


The next day we had a day of adventures!
We did Central America biggest zip line, how much fun was that!
We did 1 ‘Tarzan’ jump and 9 normal tours.
The things we saw and the views we got to witness were so beautiful.
Maybe a bit scary, the guides made us feel comfortable and were really friendly.
I didn’t bring my camera sadly I was a bit nervous I would lose or break it.
And now, of course I regret it, but you should definitely try it!
The tour takes about half a day, and was booked via Travelbird.
We didn’t know if we would have enough time to book it on our own.

Night safari
We also did a night safari, wich was basically an evening walk trough the woods.
This was an amazing experience, you could see birds sleeping, all kinds of snakes and tarantula’s if you were lucky!



Book your tour in a village, I mentioned this is several times in my former blogs.
Sometimes it can save a couple of bucks!
But if you’re in time limit and a tight schedule, you can always book with your travel agency.

Our stay in Monte Verde was short but a lot of fun!
The drive going to Monte Verde was awesome and the climate was something I didn’t experience before.
From a mountain to a national park in the middle of nowhere, Seriously!
Here we come Rincon de la Vieja



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