Aninga Lodge 4*, Tortuguero

Welcome to our second sleeping place in Costa Rica.
Aninga Lodge is only reachable by boat but it’s located at the main canal.

Just across the ‘village’ you will find our 4* lodge.
We all got a warm welcome with a tasty cocktail, while the manager introduced his staff.
After that we all got to our rooms and they were amazing!


So all of our lodges were higher because when it’s rain season there can be a lot of water so to prevent that the lodges don’t get water they built it like 1 meter higher.

20170320-1860325094 20170320_074052

The weather is always or mostly pretty hot so there were no windows but they’re covered with mosquito nets and it has been reinforced that no other animal can come in.
There was no airco in our room but big ventilators that’s enough, we’re in the ‘jungle’ so evenings aren’t too hot.
We had 2 beds, enough closet room and a clean normal bathroom.
And every morning the whaler monkeys would wake us up and sometimes they came quite close to our lodges, maybe a throwing distance.
But I always felt safe!

20170318_131302 20170320-2047641751

The hotel was all in so we had breakfast, lunch and dinner, it was kind of a buffet style.

They had 2 rooms for dinner, I guess that’s because most people came in groups so they could sit together

There sort of was Wi-Fi everywhere.
Remember you’re in the ‘jungle’ so that means that the connection isn’t always that good or even not at all.

The thing that’s really cool about this place is that because you’re about 1m higher from the ground you can sometimes spot animals.
My neighbours saw an armadillo and we saw loads of crabs, we also saw 2 snakes, 1 baby constrictor who was hiding in-between the roof of the ‘hallway’ and a flashy green snake passing our path, I don’t remember what kind it was but it was amazing.

20170318_140111_001 20170318_144519 20170320_070223

We had a pool with ‘Jacuzzi’ built in and a bar.

I loved it because it was in the middle of the jungle and you could see the canal between the palm trees.
We saw 2 big iguana’s near our pool, so for me, all of this made it special.

GOPR0697_1489884470292_high 20170319_162428

Our bartender was pretty cool! He could have a laugh with everybody.
And the bar itself was cosy, there was a small pond at the edge and apparently you could find these small frogs with flashy colors, you know the poison ones.
I couldn’t take a picture because my camera wasn’t good for that, SUCKS!
About every night one of our group was spotting animal’s trough out the day and told us about it so we could enjoy it too!


This hotel made my stay in Tortugero amazing!
Relaxing, a good night sleep and animal spotting, it was like a little girls dream come trough, LOL!


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