From Tortuguero to Arenal vulcano, Costa Rica

One of the last days we didn’t go that far.
We actually just walked over to the other side of our lodge and through another lodge, there was a walking path.


It wasn’t a long walking path but that wasn’t the point, the point is that you can spot during our walk!
Well we saw a 2 claw sloth, that’s so weird!
It looks so unnatural in the way they move LOL!
It was fun to do the spotting on our own, the guide gave us the time to try to find things on our own.
Suddenly he was acting strange because he was looking for something, start telling us to back up a little bit and he was ‘jumping’ around.
And then he found what he was looking for, a bullet ant.
He handled it with caution of course but that was so excited and maybe scary in a way, knowing they are ‘just ‘ near our lodge.


We also saw a small skunk sleeping in a tree.
That was so adorable and educational, who knew that a skunk sleeps in a tree.
Most dishes were sweet which I really love, but that’s the Caribbean way.
I really LOVED the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, apparently we were lucky with the weather.
It was supposed to be raining often, lucky us!

We left 10 min too early which we didn’t mind but our guide is pretty punctual and always warning us and telling us anecdotes about other travels but after 5 min on the boat he realised he forgot 1 couple, LOL.

Once back at the restaurant (where we had breakfast on the way to Tortugero), we had lunch and finally received the keys to our car!
Our partner for the rest of our stay was a Suzuki Jimny, an adorable ‘little’ jeep I loved it!
After saying goodbye to our group we took off to our next destination.


Welcome to Arenal!
It was about 2 hours and half driving and an easy road to follow.
But of course so typical for me to say that out loud, we were only 2 km away from the next lodge and it  seemed that a bridge we were supposed to cross fell apart.
That’s a nice way to start in Arenal, but luckily it wasn’t the only road of course.
Once there the receptionist told us he still uses that ‘bridge’ he just drives over the pieces funny story.


With one of the most beautiful sunsets, seeing the sun go down next to a volcano made me speechless.
I forgot to mention that the village is named after the volcano.
The next day our luck started to change, it was raining the whole day but it was still warm outside.
We decided to do the hanging bridges

Mistico Arenal hanging bridges.

Is a 30 min drive from town in to a national park, you can do this with a guide or alone.
But the chances you’ll probably miss out on some things are big.
You can spot all kind of different animals.
But I have to be honest we didn’t do it with a guide because we didn’t think about it, only when we were half way. So stupid of me.

20170321_085420 20170321_094222 

But because we passed some groups we ‘accidently’ saw some of it!
We saw some snakes, hummingbirds, amazing fauna and flora and some awesome views because of those bridges!
It was magical, it could have been better if the sun came out to play.


Around town you will find all kinds of spa’s with natural hot springs, but we wanted to do that in a different town.

La Fortuna waterfall
The next day we did La Fortuna waterfall, a great place to see and have a pick-nick.
You could even take a swim here!
And even though it was raining and everybody was in a raincoat, we still took a dip and had a swim!
I mean we wouldn’t probably come here again so it was once in a life time for us LOL.

20170321_134553 20170321_133841 IMG_20170322_082005_790

I loved Arenal! The people, the surroundings and the food.
Here you could find all kind of different cuisines, from Argentine chili etc…

Exited to tell you more about our next stop in Costa Rica, stay tuned!




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