My first contouring kit

Last winter I decided that I wanted to learn basic contouring!
So tried to figure out with what I should start.

make up
At first I wanted to start with a crème so I went looking and thought I found it.
Well to make sure I wasn’t doing something I would regret I asked the sales lady if she could help me pick out what crème I should take.

To my surprise she told me that it would be beter to start with powder.
It’s softer to play with, especially when it’s your first time LOL!
After thinking about it I agreed and I also thought about my budget.
I guess I got too excited to start trying it out.

So I chose..

BE Creative make up.

It’s a brand from ICI Paris which is really affordable!
You got 2 kind of contouring, I got this one.

make up2

It even comes with a picture on how you should apply it, awesome for someone like me.
At first I started too dark, than too light.
Imagine if I used a crème, I would totally look like someone who’s wearing a mask!

20170713_134952 Facetune-201707132065829810

But for now I’m starting to get the hang of it, and am using it on a daily base.
I recommend to use a good base, after all it is powder.

For summer I got myself another one.
But for winter I think I’m going to give the crème version a chance





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