Costa Rica it is!

Our first trip of 2017 was so hard to choose from!
There were so many places so discover, but 1 thing we agreed on was that it wasn’t going to be Asia.


So after doing some research and comparing prices we chose to go to Costa Rica with a travel agency, Travel Bird.
Why an arranged holiday?
You guys should know I work full-time and I’m only allowed to take 2 weeks and half. (As ‘big’ vacay)
So due lack of time and me really wanting to see a lot of Costa Rica, we decided to do this.

We booked a 14 days road trip through Costa Rica ‘the highlights of Costa Rica with a Rental car’.
YAAY! Super excited!!
This is how it works, a week before you leave you will get a bunch of vouchers.
Please check them 2 times, even 3.
We had some vouchers missing but after contacting Travel Bird it turned out okay.
They arranged plane tickets, a car, 5 places to stay, and some fun activities.

San Jose
First stop was the capital, but it was only for a night and I’m kind of happy about it, well yes and no.
Let’s say I have mixed feelings but I’ll tell you more about it later.
The next morning 6 am sharp we had to leave for our 2nd destination already,

Tortuguero national park
We were dropped to a bus with other people who were going to the same place.
It was about a 3 hour drive incl. lunch and then 1 hour with a boat.
The place where we had lunch was about 30 min from the boat stop.
Here we’ve gotten to know some of the group, we were told in the bus that during our stay in Tortuguero we would form 1 group.
That was a surprise for us but the group was ok, a bit older than us but that didn’t bother us at all.
So back to lunch, it was a ‘special’ place because they had a special tree, the Ceiba tree.
You may know it as the tree of souls in the movie Avatar.
In the picture you can clearly see which one it is.
On the way to the boat stop we drove through a rain forest and a banana factory, our tour guide told us about it. ( I never participated in a tour guide but it was quite handy for a change!)

20170318_081740 20170320888298577

After 1 hour in a kind of small boat we reached our lodge.
The ride to the lodge was amazing!
We saw sloths and an ant-eater on the way, how cool is that.
Right after we checked in we had a bit of free time and then we headed for the other side, which was only reachable by boat.

20170318_105236 20170318_110650

Tortuguero is the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, the houses are rich with colours and some fun habits.
This is also the place where rare turtle’s come to bread each year, they have a special instate for it.
And if you like you could volunteer to help them to be safe!
But when we were there, it wasn’t the season, I think we would have volunteered!
ps: you weren’t allowed to go swim in the sea because the current is too heavy

20170320906868534  20170318_185308

20170318_160504 20170318_161754

What we also didn’t know was that because we were with the group we had boat tours in the national parks too!
We left right before sunrise, we thought that our tour guide was kidding when he said ‘you’ll probably be woken up by whaler monkeys’.
Wel, he didn’t LOL!
We saw all kind of birds, liguana’s and even rare spidermonkeys.
And also here your weren’t allowed to go swim, the chance for alligators passing by was to big.
On the other hand, they should have manatee’s swimming here but we didn’t catch any.
Such a shame, I always wanted to see and swim with them!

20170320-943811865 201703201534200528

On my next blog I’ll tell you a bit more of our next tour, this time it was on foot and the next city we were going!




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