Duke of Leinster Hotel 3* London

Our hotel was about a 7min walk from 2 metro stations near Hyde Park.
And less than 30 min from the train station.

We booked this hotel because of the price, location and the picture.
We were with 4 persons but we took 2 rooms.
Our room was pretty small and was located in the basement on the street side.
So if we opened our window people could see down in our room, kind of awkward!
I even thought at some point it was next to a garbage disposal.
It was cold outside and nice in the hallway but on the way down was suddenly kind of hot, it felt like a sauna.


In this case a typical ‘lovely room picture’ but actually kind of disappointing.
When we opened the door I thought oke, besides that it was down the basement the room looked fine.
When you looked closer some the wall paper was a bit ripped and some of the edges of the wall corners was worn out.
At least the bathroom was clean!


While our 2 other friends had a bigger room with a nice view and being better taking care of.
I was jealous!
Okay, they furniture was a little old but besides that, the room was decent!
Should have talked them into switching with us, LOL

Breakfast was continental.
We looked it up, because (and no offends) English breakfast can be nice for a bite or 2 but it’s too heavy for our stomach, although the boys could manage I guess.


The funny thing is that we booked the same kind of room two times but we’ve got 2 different rooms.

Staff was really friendly.
Although it was funny for us because all day we were talking English and when we checked in, the receptionist spoke with a (I think) Spanish accent. Not that it matters, it was just funny because suddenly for a second we couldn’t understand her.

overall I liked the hotel although it was a bit pricey for what we got.



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