London and sport

My hubby loves sport, even when we travel he’ll try to catch a game.
Weather it’s football or basketball, when we are somewhere and there is a game he’ll try to convince me to go see one!


But last year in October we actually went to London for a sports event, not to see the city but to watch a game and it was a lot of fun too!
A 2 hour train ride from Brussels to London and that’s it.

20161003_130029 20161003_124400

So everybody knows about London, with the amazing Big Ben and the stunning London Bridge.
We went for a weekend, left on Saturday and came back on a Monday.
Game day was on a Sunday so we had some time to stroll around London.
We did the usual while walking or taking the tube (which is really easy and really clear).
The Big Ben, London Bridge etc..

20161001_182400 20161002_113842 20161002_114517

We saw a part of the making of the new transformer movie on the London Bridge!
I actually got to see ‘Bumble bee’, you may know him as the yellow car in the movie

And of course my favourite part was wandering down China town.
They have the best food, you’ll always get a lot for a soft price!


But besides those amazing monuments and shopping districts (of course), London is also a place where a lot of sports event happens!
The main shopping street turned into a sort of Festival Street.
In this case it was NFL American football.
You could do all sort of stuff, throwing a ball, kicking a ball etc..
Players even greeted some of the fans.
Even shops were totally in to it, they threw some goodies at the crowd.

20161001_165033 20161001_170401
I think Nike was a sponsor, the first floor of the Nike store was completely in NFL theme.
There was a DJ and sales men throwing a ball at each other, there was an awesome vibe going on.
The game was going to happen in Wembley stadion and it was sold out!
We easily got there by metro and everybody was in a happy mood.

20161001_172125 20161001_172257

Afterwards we just headed back to fresh up and had dinner, to end our weekend we had a small party in a small club.

PS: Did you know that the metro has night ‘tubes’ now?
Now you don’t have to take the taxi but you can take a night tube, I think a lot of people waited for that to happen!

I already liked London a lot and it’s not that far from where I come from.
But it was a fun change for me to be there in token of sports instead of the city.
You can always look up what sport event is going to happen.

20161002_130022 wembley-stadium-2014-10-26

I’ll see you again dear London



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