I won an IG competition from Schwarzkopf!

A couple of months ago something awesome happened!
I won an Instagram competition from Schwarzkopf Belgium.


I was scrolling down Instagram and saw there was a competition going on from Schwarzkopf from their ‘new line’ Bonacure hair therapy cell perfector Repair Rescue.

I thought why not and I entered by commenting: I need some Rescue!
Couple days later I got a DM with the good news that I won!

I received a box with shampoo, a hair mask, elixir and a protection serum.
To be honest I actually do need some rescuing, LOL.
Last year I said that I was blessed with healthy strong hair, but then I got it in my head to start experiment with it.
My lovely hairdresser (Ell hairconcepts) did what I asked and yeah she warned me that I would damage my hair the more I went through with it, but what could I say?
I really wanted a change.

So we all love the quote ‘ sun kissed skin and salty hair’ but the sun damages a lot especially when you got dyed hair.
Although I love that ‘summer hair’ thing that’s going on by the end of a sunny vacay.
But what it mostly means is that my hair feels dry and needs nurturing.

On my trip to Costa Rica I tested the shampoo, the hair mask and the elixir.

The shampoo, for fine to normal damaged hair.
I can say I have ‘normal’ hair.
It cleanses, brings back the natural hair movement, strength and elasticity.
To be honest besides the lovely scent, I usually take shampoo for normal hair and this one does the job how it supposed to be.


The hair mask, deep nourishing treatment for thick to normal damaged hair.
Besides normal, I have thick hair aswell (it’s not always a gift thick hair).
I leave it in for about 5 min (at home I do it longer) but only on my ends.
If I would completely mask my hair, I would’ve get greasy hair very quick.
It has the same scent as the shampoo and makes my points soft again as promised.


The elixir, S.O.S. Elixir.

For all hair types.
This is new to me, I have never ever used an elixir before.
It kind of smells like a hair spray, only you should apply this by towel on dry hair, leave it in for 5 min and then just rinse it.
It promises 3 things.
1, refills inner hair structure 2, resurfaces hair with protective coating. 3, evenly distributes care
It would be visibly transformed.
At first I didn’t think too much about it, but then I noticed the coating and because of that my hair shined brighter.

Facetune-20170615-419451637 (1)

The last product I didn’t bring along but that doesn’t mean I didn’t test it of course.

The serum, Nutri- shield serum.

For all hair types.
I sometimes use serums but more not that often, I should though.
It helps to protect your hair when you’re working with a hot machine like a blow dryer or a curling machine.


I’m happy with the products I’ve won and it did my hair some good!
Sometimes, no let me rephrase that, always give your hair a treat!




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