Antica Corte Albisano, Garda Lake (apartment)

For our last couple of days in Italy my boyfriend decided to rent an apartment.
The apartment at Lake Garda was so adorable.


The owner who rented it out for us was a real friendly woman whom made sure we felt home!

To make this experience complete, she had put out a cold refreshing drink and a small snack as a complimentary welcome, that was really nice of her.
We had our own private parking that could house 3 cars.
She told us that she also had another apartment near the lake, if we ever wanted to visit again.


We had an apartment on the first floor with the cutest little terrace ever.
Our neighbors had to pass us but they’re were barely home.
Because the centre was downhill we didn’t have any problems with noise, it was soo quiet, perfect to get a good night rest.
We had a kitchenette with the kitchen equipment that we could use, a dining table and couches.

Facetune-20170603926243091 (1)

The second room was a nice cosy bedroom with right next to it a well-kept bathroom.
We could use towels which was handy because we only used ours to go swimming.
Some apartments don’t do that, not that it would bother me, because you can wash your laundry everywhere of course.

Facetune-20170603-2088785462 (1)

Once in a while the lady who rented us the apartment came to check if everything was okay.
She made us feel really welcome with a glass of refreshing drinks.
Right around the corner was a small store so you could easily get some food and drinks.
Sometimes an apartment is much more relaxed than a hotel room, it’s a nice switch depending on what kind of trip you’re making of course.




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