Body Fantasies Signature, Bodyspray

Ever thought during a hot day that deodorant wasn’t cutting and perfume was just too heavy.


Well I do sometimes, and what I mean by using deodorant is that you know you’re not smelly or something but you just don’t feel so ‘fresh’ but clammy. 

Well than you should try body spray for a change.
No it’s not a fancy perfume or something, although they are pretty good but a body spray kind of feels more refreshing.
And to my surprise it actually stayed long! Hooray.

I lucky to have 3 fragrances!
Vanilla, pink vanilla kiss and my favorite Twilight mist.
I can switch from fragrance depending on my mood, how great it that!
It’s a lot cheaper than perfume, it stays long and because it is cheaper you have more to choose from.
Beside that, I also like it during those hot summer nights.
To be honest I just spray it on my clothes too, LOL!


It’s in a small size (94ml) so you can easily bring it along in any kind of bag.
Because we all know how those long flight can be, am I right?




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