Hello Charming Salzburg

Our final stop of our road trip.
From hot and sunny Italy to Cold rainy Austria, at least that’s how it was the moment we arrived.


Leaving with our shorts and shirt thinking it would be almost the same weather but it changed real quick half way.
When we finally arrived at our hotel, we checked in, freshened up and we’ve put on some warm clothes to start exploring Salzburg.

Charming Salzburg.
Did you know Mozart was born here?
They made a whole museum about him but we didn’t visit it (oops sorry).

Facetune-20170524-1659575485 (1)  Facetune-20170524-863796061

Hohensalzburg Castle
But we did visit a Castle that caught my eye, I think it caught everybody’s eye as it was sticking out of the city.
It’s actually a fortress, which now is transformed as an attraction.
You can go whole the way up in an elevator while enjoying a stunning view of the old city.
Besides the amazing view, they have a small museum with puppets.
From old puppets to modern ones, actually kind of neat how they used to entertain us that way (and kinda creepy at the same time).
You can also visit the torture chamber or just have drink at the tavern.

Facetune-20170524-1085197047 Facetune-20170524-1735109970 Facetune-201705241120376775

We also visited the Dom, Dom Zu Salzburg
At first we thought a ‘normal’ gorgeous Dom with all the beautiful paintings, but then we went to the crypt.
Of course crypts are always a bit scary but than there was a dark room and all of a sudden we heard a voice in German followed by a small light show in a dark room.
GOD I thought I was going to scream!
It turned out that there was a school doing a project on something, I don’t know about what because I didn’t stay to read about it, I was creeped out.

Facetune-20170524-1039913280 Facetune-20170524411560885

Sadly it rained the whole day so we couldn’t do that much.
I think you could do much more if it was dry and probably enjoy a nice terrace in this charming town.
I also think that it’s magical during winter period, or maybe that’s just me associating it as a cold country lol.

Facetune-20170524-468847530  Facetune-20170524-855966880

A lovely way to end our road trip.
It was an awesome experience, this was my first ‘big roadtrip’.
I got tired a lot but we saw so many things that I wouldn’t have seen in different circumstances.


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