Night creme and eye creme Mylene

Like I mentioned on my former blogs I don’t react so good on day crème.
So why not try a night crème instead?


Mylene night creme
I tested the Night Repair and eye crème night from Mylene.
The night crème is a classic soft milk crème with a hypoallergenic scent.
That means good news for people who suffer from allergies.
Basically it means that it smells good without chemicals!
And that’s because of the vegetable ingredients that are processed in it.

The night repair absorbs quite good and is not too greasy (which I would hate if it was).
It should help to protect your skin cells, to nourish and to reduce the aging of your skin.
So I guess you better start sooner than later right?
The next morning I rinsed with water and I actually got a nice glow.


Eye crème night
(according instructions) Can be used by everyone aged 30 and/or above.
No I’m not 30, not that it matters because age is nothing but a number, I’m 27 and I would like to keep that as long as possible, so yes I tested the eye crème LOL.


Now this is a crème that has a rich water in oil crème emulsion.
It promises revitalization on stressed skin cells, takes on fine lines and wrinkles, it also contains collagen boosters.
Don’t use too much, I made that mistake and ended up having tears.
On to the second and third time.
Now that’s how I like it, the next couple of days it seemed that my dark circles were starting to clear up and the collagen started to do as promised I tested the 2 products at the same time, why not?
They’re both night crème’s and I had no problems at all.
Actually I think there a great combo for a fair
price aswell!

Love Debo


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