Bellissimo Lago de Garda

After a couple of romantic days in Padua and Venice we had to leave. (sad)
Back to a bit of nature it is!


We stayed at Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy.
Which partly is surrounded by mountains the ‘further’ you go.
We stayed in the village Torri del Benaco, a cute small village that used to be a fishermen’s town.
Our apartment was up on a hill and down the street we had an amazing view.

Scaligero di Malcesine
The best way down is a 5 min ride by car or bus.
You can visit the Castello Scaligero di Malcesine right at the entrance of the village.
It’s used as a museum and a looking point.
The castle tells the story about how the fishermen village used to work as u walk along and to get upstairs you will have to go through a cute lemon garden.
Once on the tower you’ll have a beautiful view over the lake and behind you over the hills.

Facetune-20170521-348122813 Facetune-20170521766581081

A little before the castle you can easily cross the lake with a ferryboat to another village if you like, even with your car.
Nearby you can go swimming and relax at a cute beach bar!
Right behind it is the centre with a stunning small harbour, we just caught a couple getting married while having their wedding pictures taken.
I think they will have some awesome pictures, ps congrats to the couple!!

Facetune-20170521-1200312742 Facetune-20170521-1758573990

The centre kind of reminds you of Venice, small narrow streets and towards the lake it looks like the small canals of Venice.
But it’s not so crowed of course and has a lot more nature!
On the weekend they have a small market around the harbour.
Having dinner near the lake is a dreamy way to end the day!

20160905_124946 Facetune-201705211600786913

We actually wanted to do a lot here but our road was more tiring than expected so we chilled and relaxed more than we did activities.
We did do the zoo though! A lot of fun and bigger than expected!
They even have a ‘safari’ tour, there was a giraffe blocking the road, we drove so slow in the hope the animal didn’t startle.

Garda lake is really beautiful but you should really have car or bike (you see them a lot around here) because in the ‘centre’ there isn’t that much to do, most activities are a 15 to a 30 min drive by car.

Love Debo


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