Hotel Al Cason 3* Padua

This hotel has been chosen by its location.
It’s 5 min from the train station and 10 min from the high way.

al cason

When looking at it from the outside it looks like a typical and basic hotel on the road.
We could leave our car in a private garage.
Our room was basic but clean, the same counts for the bathroom and the complimentary soaps.
No complaints here, even though our not working airco.
We went to the reception to tell them about the airco problem and they immediately helped us out.

Untitled hotel-al-cason

To be honest, the airco was outdated, made a lot of noise and blew cold wind starting down blowing up.
I don’t know if it’s the same in every room.
The staff was really friendly and helpful, they were always there when needed!

Breakfast was continental and we had ‘fresh out of the oven’ sandwiches, which was a nice touch.
You can tell that it was taking care of and that the tables were quickly cleaned after.
Another nice surprise was that they had a small terrace where you could have your coffee.
And near the reception was a small bar.

hotel-al-cason (1) photo4jpg

Seeing the building from the outside is so different when compared to the inside,
It’s so much nicer than you would expect it to be. What a relieve 🙂

Love Debo

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