2 newbie Lipsticks Yves Rocher & Clinique

I know I should be starting to get some more summer colors in my beauty case but this year winter seemed so long, so I’m still into the darker colors instead of those bright summer colors.
I got myself 2 new lipsticks and I think they have a kick ass color! (at least for me)


My first newbie is.

Yves Rocher Grand Rouge 21. Mauve pastel
I love it because it’s a more natural color, to me it is a bit natural because I have a more toned skin.
It’s a normal, more or less shiny lipstick, so yes it smudges and comes of easy.
But it does look lovely and Yves Rocher makes it up with fair prices.
Yup, a must have in my makeup bag.


Next in line

Clinique Black Licorice pop.
It has a nice ring to it don’t you think?
Check out the color, it’s a color that I’m not used to. LOVE IT!
I’m trying to get more variation in my lipstick collection, step by step.
Now this one is the lip-gloss version, so when you apply it it is all shiny but if you dip off the extra gloss it becomes mat.
I love the color and how it gets mat.
My friend complimented me that it stays really long, so now I don’t have to say it myself lol.
When comparing the price than yes, Clinique isn’t the cheapest one but it’s more than
worth it!


Love Debo

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