Hotel La Fortezza 3* Firenze

Our hotel in Firenze was a bit hard to reach as they were working around the city.
So we had to do some manoeuvres to get there.


Our hotel had a private parking lot (we specially looked it up).
But because they were working in the street it was really narrow to ride in.
No worries we are skilled drivers lol 😉

The hallway was kinda fancy, white marble and a red carpet.
There were only stairs to get up, so no smooth path for your luggage to make it easier.
Don’t worry there are elevators in the main building.
You could also get inside from the back where the private parking lot was, again only stairs here.


We had a room on the first floor and there was wi-fi everywhere.
Our room was mainly green which in day time didn’t bother me and I kind of liked it.
But during the night it would have been nicer if they had chosen a different kind of light.
That’s personal off course.
Our view was on our car, didn’t bother me at all because now I could watch my car.
Not that I didn’t feel safe or something, but it’s just a peace of mind.
We had a normal double bed with enough closet space.
Our bathroom was clean and nice with everything you needed!


The personnel were friendly but professional!
Our breakfast was really nice!
It was located on the ground floor as well.
We had a normal continental breakfast but the cereal and the muesli were gluten-free.
They even had cake and fresh fruit so I was really happy when enjoying our breakfast!


The location was just right, we could get easily out of the city ( if the works were finished) but it was only a 15min walk from the centre.

Love Debo

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