Lancôme Miracle Cushion Refill

My Mac foundation ran out so I could finally test a new product!
I tested cushion from Lancôme.


I went to the shop and told the sales lady that I travel a lot and that I get a tan quite fast so I don’t need a heavy foundation, but something medium that feels light.

Lancôme, Miracle Cushion Refill 03 beige peche

She recommended me a medium foundation of Lancôme.
This wasn’t in a liquid form but on a sponge form.
She told me not to worry if it seems that it’s almost finished, just turn the sponge around and that’s it.

My first thoughts where that it was indeed a medium foundation.
I didn’t go anywhere yet at that time, so I still was a bit pale.
So it didn’t cover up too much, but by that time I learned contouring lol!
But right after my return from 1 of my journeys I felt that this was just right.
It felt really light on my face as if I didn’t even apply it.

I really like this product but more as a summer product because it is a medium cover up and really light.
I would still push you towards a ‘heavier’ foundation during ‘winter’ time.

I know Lancôme isn’t that cheap so I hope that it will last long.
1 thing that’s great about it is that you can buy a fill up, so you don’t need to buy the whole package again.

Love Debo


  1. I love the fuller coverage version of this! The teint idole cushion by lancôme have you tried this one? Its amazing supposed to be velvety matte but its more illuminous than anything! Deffo recommend! X


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