Il Borgo di Campo app/hotel, Cinque Terre

After Genoa I was a bit sceptical for our next stay.
This was in Riomaggiore .

This was couple miles from the villages we were visiting.

We arrived a bit early, check in was after 2pm, but no worries we had lunch to kill time.
The building was stairs only so if you have a lot of luggage you’ll be a bit annoyed if your room is a bit further away.


So once checked in I was relieved that it was a clean and a large room with a decent bathroom.
It was a cosy room with old details which was lovely.
We had a double bed (doesn’t happen that often anymore)
The bathroom wasn’t big but wasn’t small either, just normal and most importantly was that it was clean!


It’s more an apart hotel.
You had a kitchenette so you could whip up your own snack.
But in the morning there was breakfast (an extra fee), it was in a buffet form.
A normal continental breakfast, but what a view.
Seriously though! The building is built on a cliff.
And we all had a view of the Liguria sea.
WiFi was mainly in public areas, I kind of expected that.
But the view definitely made up for that!

IMG_20170118_204006_114 2

I really liked our stay, it was so peaceful, because of where it was located.
I had a classic feeling of a typical Italian holiday.
If I could change some things than it would be WiFi  in all rooms (ps booking mentioned that there would be Wi-Fi everywhere but at the desk it said only in public areas) and find a way for those stairs to make it a bit more comfortable.

Love Debo

ps: sorry for the lack of pictures, I was enjoying the view too much 🙂

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