JYB Best Friend crème

Right before I left to Costa Rica (blog will follow later on), I’ve got a new product that supposed to be great for all around, like moisturize, repair and to protect.


JYB Best friend.
This crème is 71.60% Bio organic, sounds really great doesn’t it?
But how can this product be an ‘all around’ crème?
The only way to know it, is to test it of course.

Costa Rica has 2 main climates, dry and really hot or foggy and rainy.
The first time that I used this crème was because of the mosquitos and other insects.
They’re everywhere when traveling in a wet climate.
When I get bitten it really gets red and so itchy, out of despair I applied the crème.
2min later, bye bye itch!
I was sooo happy because I usually scratch them open and then you’ll get an ugly scar.
Starting that same day I used it every day on all my bites.

Facetune-20170503-1177587264 Facetune-20170503-2115421295

Towards the end of our tour we went to the beach.
But most of our after sun was finished and we still had a couple of days to go.
But we didn’t bother to buy another one.
We tried (by now my) ‘best friend’ all over and it calmed my skin quiet fast.

So yes, this is an all-round crème.
It does what it needs to do and it’s organic.
Beside that It’s organic it smells good and stays for a long time.

Love Debo

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