Cit Hotel Britannia 3* Genoa


The location of this hotel is perfect!
On one hand it is located right behind the center and on the other hand, it is around the corner is the train station of Genoa.

Because we came with our car and there was no parking space as we were right behind the centre.
Therefore we decided to order a parking spot, you had to pay a small fee but we didn’t mind.
I rather have my car safe inside instead of worrying the whole time whether your car is still there when you want to head back.

Our room was middle size, but really dark.
The solid carpet was black and the curtains were really dark too.
Overall it was a clean room but it was a dark and on solid carpet you could see some old stains.
Although it was clean, I was still kind of bothered by these stains.

HI349841070 donkeer

Then of course we have the bathroom.
This was clean but I think I’ve never seen such a small bathroom.
The shower was barely big enough, every time I turned I bummed my arm somewhere.
If the door wasn’t shut you had to watch your step because this had one small stair and if you didn’t watch out you could misstep and trip over.


Breakfast was ok, if you wanted fresh coffee than you should ask the waiter.
Otherwise you’ll have to use the machine.
You had the classic continental but they also had different kind of corn flakes.

cafe cafe

Staff was really friendly!
We asked where the best spot is to go swimming and they showed us couple of beaches and what bus we should take.
They heard that we were going to football game and were interested so they made small talk.

Everything was really great beside our room.
If you would upgrade and pay extra you’ll get a better one probably.
But it’s kind of
a fundamental basic that it should be completely clean, well… that’s my opinion of course.
But guess you all agree to that, don’t you?

Love Debo

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