GG Crème bronzing

Every time I come back from a journey in a hot country rest assure that I have an awesome glow.
Sadly that same glow fades away very quickly, which is a pity, don’t you think?


When I come back I try not to touch my foundation and concealer!
What I do instead, is use a BB (bronzing) crème.

GG Bronzing crème L’Oréal
More specifically, I use GG Bronzing crème L’Oréal.
I don’t use this often, as mentioned before, only when I come back from my travels and during summer.
So yeah it’s not finished
and I can still use it plenty of times or maybe I should travel some more ;-). (I feel unnatural if I use is it on a daily base)
Looking super tanned whole year-long, is just unnatural that is also why I do not use it on a daily basis.

Facetune-20170425-400997654 Facetune-201704251195097218

The look and feel of the tube reminds me of summer, that alone leaves a small smile on my face.
This soft crème contains a certain ‘glow’ which is created by small glitters.
Don’t forget to wash your hands when you’re finished or you will leave sparkles all over the place.

Facetune-20170425-1666823481 Facetune-20170425-1243190713
Besides giving you a ‘glow’ this creme also protects (25spf) and hydrates 24h.
One really good thing is that I don’t get an allergic reaction from this!
Overall it is a great product to use during summer.
The only thing, and a personal tint from my experience, you need to finish up with some bronzing blush.

Love Debo

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