Chalet hotel Alpen Valley 3*

For such a long ride I was happy that there was a parking right in front of the door!
This is a hotel that you’d normally book when on a ski holiday.

Chalet hotel Alpen Valley 3* Combloux
It’s located a bit above the village with a great view of the Mont Blanc!
Along the road you can find ski lifts but during the summer it’s complete empty.
If you go down the street there you will find a ‘hike’ trail and a trail.


The hallway is covered with a rug to keep the warmth during winter.
This makes it really cozy, you’ll find a lounge area and the dining room.
This is actually kind of cool because during summer you can sit outside and have a great view of the Mont Blanc, I loved having breakfast like that.
Breakfast was continental and was taking care of, fresh sandwiches, croissants, fresh boiled eggs etc..


Our room wasn’t that big but just enough for the 2 of us.
It was mainly in a wooden style, there wasn’t an airco system but there was no need for it and during winter they have a heater.
We had a balcony view of mainly the street and luckily a part of the terrace which means we could see the Mont Blanc, I know I mentioned it a lot but you should see it for yourself, it’s massive!!


Our bathroom was so cozy, it was tiled in blue with the same wooden style.
Very clean with all the stuff we needed!
We only stayed for 1 night but I think this is an awesome hotel during winter!
Even though we went during summer, there was still plenty of things to do.


Love Debo

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