Romance in Venice

After a great experience in Firenze we were ready to go.
So on our last dinner he finally told me where we were going for the rest of our holiday.

First stop was Padova (Padua)
I never heard about it so I was actually a bit surprised that he chose this, because until now all the cities we went too I knew and/or heard about it.


Basilica di Sant’Antonio.
So we went on google and searched for what to expect.
One of the important buildings are the Basilica di Sant’Antonio.
This is a rare building because this is a mix of different kinds of construction styles.
Back in the days they used to have a yearly crusade here.
On the inside they have an amazing garden but u do need to cover up when you’re going inside.

pado padov

Prato della Valle.
Near the basilic you can find Prato della Valle.
This square is about 90.000 m² and is the largest in whole Italy and one of the largest in Europe.
It’s a beautiful square surrounded by water and right in the middle you’ll find a fountain that connects them all.
When the sun sets everybody sits here and relaxes for a while.
pado pado

I kind of thought that this would be a boring old town but it turned out that this is actually a university city.
A great place for shopping and eating.
The restaurants are great over there but make sure you have bug spray with you.
The city is surrounded by a few ponds so that’s why you’ll need it.
What also makes this place attractive is that there is a train station nearby.

padov pad

And now we come to the main reason that he chose this place.
You see, Venice is only 20 min away from Padua.
He wanted to make a day trip to Venice!
He knew that this was a place that I really wanted to visit so he made it come true!
Padua is cheaper then Venice and more comfortable to stay.
Our car was in a garage so it was safe and some people we knew who have been to Venice said that it’s not so easy to walk around with your luggage (all bridges are mainly made out of stairs or cobbles) imagine that your hotel is somewhere on the other side.

Beautiful Venice.
When I think about Venice I think about that one song from Dean Martin, That’s Amore.
Arriving by train was really easy, you could immediately follow the signs to San Marco square.
It’s literally one bridge after the other and almost each streets looks the same, but oh so beautiful to see those gondolas floating in narrow ‘streets’
In every street you will find small shops that sell those famous ‘ball masks’, they’re known for it.


Piazza San Marco
I think everybody knows San Marco square, what an amazing place.
When you walk through the narrow streets and you can see the square from a distance.
That’s a real awesome feeling and kind of magical.
We quickly went through the Basilica San Marco, there was quite the waiting line.
We already went through some Basilicas so we kind of knew what to expect.

venice venice

Right next to the basilica is Piombi, this used to be a prison where Casanova made his famous escape!
From pretty rooms full with art and amazing views to scary cold dunges.
This place is amazing and a nice walk into history, you should definitely visit!

venice venicee

I think if you take a city trip for 2 or 3 days it’s more than enough to explore this romantic city!
I thought I would expect too much of Venice and that it would be a bit disappointed but it totally wasn’t.

Venice became one of my favourite cities!

Love Debo

venice venice venice

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