Firenze: The City of Art

After a short Lunch break in Pisa which was fantastic, I could actually say ‘Lunch in Pisa and Dinner in Firenze for 2 pls’.
Welcome to Firenze! The home of Michelangelo, Dante Da Vinci and Botticelli.

Museums Museums and more Museums
We were right outside of the city centre, maybe a 15min walk, as you walk towards the centre you can slowly see the rich culture that Firenze is known for.
You’ll find one museum after the other.
One of the first museum we encountered was where you can find Michelangelo’s David.
I personally wanted to see the famous statue with my own eyes, but than I looked at the waiting line and that was around the corner.
I’m not really the waiting typeJ. (Or you could buy fast tickets)
Fortunately there was an open museum for statues in the centre of the city ‘loggia dei lanzi’.
I’m not a museum fan, but the Italian artists are flirting with me.
What I like here in Firenze is that some streets have open museums, it’s small but unique.
Most people just walk past these buildings.
Until now I Love going to Museums, Castle’s and Basilicas.

20160830_201556 Snapchat-7549222130707487627 GOPR0605_1473711361253_high (1)

De Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore
or Duomo di Firenze, is massive!
You can’t miss it, such a beauty that sticks out, when going to Piazzale Michaelangelo you immediately see what I mean.
You can easily go a bus, it only takes about 10 min to get there from the centre.
If you want to go inside than you have to buy a ticket, but the ticket allows you to go inside the Campanile, Baptisterium and of course the Cathedral.
We only climbed up the Campanile and didn’t climb up the Cathedral.
It was too hot to climb twice, but if you want than you should do it because the view from up there is AMAZING!
The Cathedral is beautiful too, I liked the outside better than the inside but that’s for another upcoming blog.
You have to cover up if you’re wearing a top and/or put on a scarf around your legs if you’re wearing short skirt or shorts.
I was happily surprised that the Baptisterium was really beautiful inside, I would have expected that it would be similar as the Cathedral.

Snapchat-6480800736958009543 (1)  received_1391481747535564 (1)  20160830_173033 (1)

20160831_111116 (1) GOPR0613_1473711361253_high

Ponte Vecchio
Once you enjoyed the view at ‘Piazzale Michaelangelo’ you can take the bus down again.
You will see that Ponte Vecchio is not that far, so hop on and go jewels shopping, wherefore Ponte Vecchio is known.
*tip: watch your bag for pick pockets.
From this bridge you land in the shopping district, hooray!
Por santa maria is where you can find commercial stores and in the side streets you’ll find more hand crafted shops.
There is 1 exclusive shopping street where all the high brands are put together via de Tornabuoni.

20160830_183306 (3)

Firenze is definitely worth a visit!
I feel like I didn’t see everything, but I only had 1 and a half day, we were exhausted.
We saw beautiful art, had an amazing view of the city, went shopping and had a romantic dinner.
What more does a girl need right?

Love Debo


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