Lunch for 2 in Pisa

We left right after we checked out, it was around 11 am.
Our next stop was Firenze and I was so exited, but it was a 3.5 hour drive pff..


While driving away from the coast after an hour or se, I asked him what we would do for lunch.
A girl got’s to eat right? 😉
He had an awesome idea to make a pit stop in … Pisa!!

How fun is that, it turned out that Pisa was a 2 hours drive from Cinque Terre.
I noticed that a lot of busses were going the same direction as we did, it was clear that it was gonna be a crowed place to visit.

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Piazza dei Miracoli
We parked randomly and went by foot, the closer you get, the more people you see.
I actually got excited because I never thought I would see the leaning tower.
Piazza dei Miracoli is surrounded by a wall, inside the wall you will find 4 impressive buildings, wich everyone comes to see.

The tower of Pisa, Duomo Santa Maria Assunta, the Baptisterium and the Camposanto.

You can enter all the buildings, but we didn’t do that.
The waiting line was really long, so we just enjoyed the view as it was.
It’s such a funny sight, seeing almost everybody doing the same pose in front of the tower.
I must say that some were really creative.


Great day trip
After his nice surprise we had lunch, but a bit further away from the crowed area (most of the time cheaper).
Personally and I think that most people do, I would make Pisa a day trip from another city, because beside that there’s not much to see or to do, there are of course things but it’s enough for a day trip.


I know this was a short article but if you are in the area, you should visit it.
And it’s just fun to say that I had lunch in Pisa and was going to have dinner in Firenze LOL.

Love Debo

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