Dreamy Cinque Terre

National park Cinque Terre
After the 2 days in the city, it was time for our next stop.
My coin didn’t drop when I saw it was Cinque Terre, my hubby chose this place because I showed him a bunch of pictures of lovely village’s that I wanted to see if we ever had the chance.


But when my coin finally did drop (That’s how we Flemish would say it), I was so happy!!
Cinque Terre is a National park that is registered in UNECO’s list.
It exist of 5 beautiful cute village’s right at the Italian coast near La Spezia in Ligurie.
We drove through La Spezia, most people who come here, leave from there to go on a day trip to the 5 villages via train, because leaving your car somewhere is difficult.

Hotel view.
When we arrived at our hotel, the reception wasn’t open yet.
But right next to it was a small restaurant where we had a drink and a bite because we didn’t have had lunch yet.
When we finally checked in, I immediately fell in love with the view!
But we only stayed for 1 day so we freshened up and left.
As I told you it was difficult to leave your car somewhere, we asked the receptionist what our best option was.
We could drive back to La Spezia (a 15 min drive) and take the train.
Or wait for a small bus that drove every 30min.
There’s a small catch with the bus though, the driver takes a long break.
There is a bus leaving in the morning until 2pm, than a break to start again 5pm.

And of course it was around 3pm so no bus, and we were too lazy to drive back to La Spezia.
So we drove ourselves knowing it would be difficult to find a parking spot, but we took our chances.

Riomaggiore is the first village of the 5 that you’ll find.
We only did one because we stayed here only for 1 day.
You will see cute houses on a cliff with all kind of different colours.
When you walk in the village, you will feel comfortable immediately.

snapchat-1288254848931369079  20160829_152520

I felt welcome and had a romantic holiday feeling!
We thought we couldn’t swim here so we didn’t wear our swimsuits.
It turned out that it was possible, if you don’t mind the small stones.

We had dinner here but you had to be fast or you had to eat late.
Because everything was quickly full, at some places people were waiting outside to get a spot.

Looking back I kinda regret not staying any longer to discover those 4 other villages!
If I come back, I would do it around spring time or fall.
At some point the heat was too much, especially near the waves break.
The waves break is mostly made of marble stone.


I loved it here! Even if it was for 1 day.
Definitely worth a visit!

Love Debo

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