Bye Bye Genoa

Our last beautiful morning in Genoa..

Our next stop was only 2hours away, so we still had some time to visit The Royal Palace Museum and The University of Genoa. Normally I’m not a museum person, most of the time I think there is so much more to see outside in the village or city.

 The Royal Palace museum
The Royal palace museum and the University are in the same street just across each other.
We wanted to visit the Palace first because we knew that we would have an amazing view of Genoa’s harbour.
Once inside, we imidiantly saw a beautiful garden looking partly over the harbour, actually kind of quiet knowing you’re in the middle of the city. We were both amazed as we did not expect to see something so beautiful.


On the next floor you had a room that consists out of mirrors, which has statue representing the Italian gods such as Apollo and Jupiter.
It has a majestic look over it, really beautiful.
In Other rooms they are more standard with paintings and old original furniture.
And then finally, the balcony we were looking for…
We had a view of the garden, which was pretty awesome and a view of the harbour.
I kinda enjoyed this even though I’m not a museum person, maybe we’ll do this more often! We were pleasantly surprised.


University of Genoa
After that we just crossed the street and went to check out the University.
You couldn’t go that far inside, because they still use the building for schooling.
It has a beautiful inside court, and again this has a peaceful surrounding, at least now
because it wasn’t a school period.

Genoa is a beautiful upcoming city.
I enjoyed it, maybe if they could do something about the street graffiti it would have
looked much cleaner.
What I didn’t like so much was the traffic and not because it was Italy, The high way bridge takes a lot of the view sadly.  However Genoa, you are a beauty!

Love Debo

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