Welcome to Genoa

Time to leave Combleaux and head to Genoa, our next destination.

4 hours on the road
We drove right true the massive mountain Mont Blanc, that way was faster than going around.
The trip to Genoa was already 4 hours, that’s long enough for me when I saw what’s on the list for the coming days.
I wanted to be there ASAP to see as much as we could, because we would stay here for 2 nights.
We arrived in the afternoon, so still plenty of time to explore the city.
I actually did not know so much about Genoa.
It turns out that Genoa is a harbour city and the birth place of Christopher Columbus.
All the buildings are quite big or should I say tall.

While walking we first went to a park/ garden, Parco della Villetta Di Negro, this garden has a huge oriental themed garden and free Wi-Fi.
We went through the park because on the other side or nearby there was supposed to be a lift cabin going up, but I guess we looked it up wrong, because we couldn’t find it.
So we moved on and ended up at the harbour, and there was an annual food market.
Here is something you might not know yet, but I’m a huge food lover!


Largest sea Aquarium
After our snack we saw the Aquarium of Genoa, the largest sea aquarium in Europe.
And of course we had to go inside, you wouldn’t say that’s really big inside when looking at this building.After that we looked for a place to eat, and somehow we found this cute little street with light messages, so we followed it.
You can clearly see that there are some political issues, you can tell by all the graffiti that’s going on in the city.
So from pretty light messages to dark alleys that actually didn’t feel so safe anymore.
We finally got out and bumped into a small square where you can eat and drink, I think this is a place where locals come to.

Game time, let’s go Sampdoria
The next morning we left on time, because we looked up if there was going to be a football game in these 3 days we were here, and yes there was!
Because the game was in the evening, we still had plenty of time to do other stuff.
So we went to the D’albertis Castle or Museo delle Culture del Mondo, it was actually easy to get there.
It was a side street of our hotel, but that was the easy part LOL.
We had to go all the way up, and normally that isn’t a problem but when it’s hot, everything is harder to reach right?
Well the castle is not too big and has a beautiful garden with a view of the city facing the sea.
What was a fortress ages ago, is now a museum.
It was built for Captain Enrico Alberto d’Albertis, he was an explorer just like Columbus.
And when the captain past away he left all of his collections and his Castle to the city, what later became a museum of culture.


By now it was almost midday and it was getting pretty hot so it was time for a swim!
We asked for information in our hotel and he basically said, take a bus and right out of the city you can stop about anywhere you want, because you can have a swim about anywhere.
The further you went, the prettier the beaches became.
To be honest we were hot, lazy and a bit hungry, so as soon as we saw people at a beach, we hopped off and enjoyed our afternoon.
After we cleaned up we were on a bus heading to the game.
It was Sampdoria vs Atalanta, oh how passionate Italians are with football.
We loved it and they won the game!


Love Deborah


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