Meet my boyfriend, suprise roadtrip

Let me introduce you to my boyfriend.

His name is Maarten, he works as a scientific researcher in a university college in Antwerp.
And 1 day a week he teaches practical lessons, cute huh?

Why, you ask me?
He is my partner and together we plan most of our trips.
I’m lucky that he is interested in the same thing as me, so our decisions are easier to make.

On our last vacation he wanted to plan everything himself as a surprise for me.
We were going on a road trip in the last week of august and the first week of September,
that’s all I knew until the day we left!
I was so nervous, first of all I don’t like to drive, let alone in other countries.

The Morning we left, he finally told me where we were going for our first day.
Yes only the first day, after asking and begging him. But after a couple of hours he gave in.
Or at least that’s what I thought LOL.
He gave me a map for the following 5 days and that was only when we were already half way our trip.

Mont Blanc
First stop is Combloux, France.
This small village has a view of the Mont Blanc.
We drove 8 hours, starting from our home.
And we stopped every 2 hours, like that it didn’t seem so hard.
When we finally arrived, we noticed that it was a 15 min walk to the village itself.
So we freshened up and got dressed, ready to enjoy our day.

Typically for us we took the wrong turn to get to the village and we accidentally took a hiking route.
But a hiking route that wasn’t meant for us.
So what should have taken only 15 min, ended up in 1 hour.
The day after we had a laugh about it, it’s just funny because we were all dressed up and arrived in the village all sweaty.

Combloux is a real small village whom is kind of quiet due to summer season, this place is always pretty packed during winter season.
On the normal road to the village you’ll find ski lifts on about every turn.
We had dinner at a small place with the Mont Blanc as our view.
But they only served food as of 7 o’clock, so we were a bit bummed out because we were hungry.
They actually eat first as a team while we were having a drink, and after they finished we were served.
I think it’s awkward, or maybe it’s just because we work in a different way.

In the evening there was nothing to see, but we didn’t mind because we were really tired.
The next day we left to our next destination.

Love Debo

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