Beauty: Getting My tan on

I love having a tan.
I try to use different kind of products to see if they do the trick.

I bought the following tanning oil from Yves Rocher, Corine de Farme from Monoi de Tahiti.

It says it’s tanning oil without protection, that it’s 99% monoi from Tahiti and that it’s dehydrates, feeds and gives you an intense brown skin.
The instructions say that you should apply it during and after you’ve been exposed to the sun.So when I could finally use it, I first went for a swim and then put on sunblock.
Always protect your skin!
I usually put on sunblock 3 to 4 times, it depends on how the weather is and where we are.
Every time that I put on the sunblock, I straight away use the oil.

Its an oil that is hardened, but once in a warm temperature it gets fluid.
It’s oil, so once it’s on you, you will need something to clean your hands or everything slips away.
I love the way it smells, it’s like summer in a bottle.
What about the results? Well, I can’t say that I tanned faster then usual but it’s intenser.

I like this product, a whole day long I smell like summer, and it keeps my skin dehydrated and soft.

Love Debo

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