House in the Ardenne,Holiday Home Sixine Le Gite

A small villa for 6 please.

Welcome to ‘Holiday Home Sixine Le Gite’, this holiday house is located in The High Moors.
It’s in the street where the castle is hidden, Chateau de Reinhardstein.

We arrived on site and had a free private parking.
Our rented house was next to the owner’s house.
But we had plenty of space and our own garden, with a view on an empty field.On our first
evening we sat outside while having dinner and we saw a deer, pretty special at least for me.


The house had 3 large bedrooms, 2 on the first floor with each their own bathtub.
It had a cosy and romantic atmosphere!
There was also a separate smaller bathroom on the first floor with a shower.


On the ground floor you’ll find a spacious kitchen, a large living room and right next to it an open dining room.
From the dining room you can go outside to the terrace, there are 2 pick nick tables and a BBQ.
Further you will find the 3th bedroom which has its own bathroom with a bathtub.
It even has a sauna! And of course a toilet.


In the kitchen you will find everything you need to cook, the only thing we needed to buy were our own crossers.
When we left, we had the option to clean up ourselves or let somebody come and clean the house for a small price.


I really enjoyed this house!
It was big enough, so everybody had their privacy.
Everything you needed to cook and clean was available.
The only thing that would’ve been handier for in the bathtub was a shower attachment, they didn’t have that.
I loved the view from the terrace, it was peaceful and sometimes if we were lucky, a deer appeared!

I think we could easily come back again!

Love Debo

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