Into the woods,High Moors Ardenne Belguim

Lately it seems that we go to the Ardennes every summer now.
But I don’t mind at all!

So this year we went to ‘The High Moors’ (Hoge Venen) in the Ardennes.
By we, I mean 4 friends and my hubby.
We rented a house, well for us it looked like a small villa.
But I’ll tell you more about that on my next blog.

In 1 of my former blogs I told you about La Roche Ardennes, well “Hoge Venen” is on the other side.
Here is where 3 border lines comes together, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
Hoge Venen has more country fields and is a bit more mountain-ish.
Its Belgium’s highest point, you will notice it when you drive there.

Lac du Robertville
We stayed near a lake, Lac du Robertville.
It was less than an hour walk from where we stayed, but one of our friends, who was
navigating at that moment, took us to the wrong turn and we ended up for a long walk in
the ‘woods’ on the edge of the lake.
We walked for about 2 hours and half, but personally I didn’t mind that at all.
It was such a nice and fun hike, it was beautiful.
For hubs and me it was like the lake of Plitvce (Croatia) again. LOL.
When we finally arrived, we hung out at the local camping and went for a swim.

In the same street as our rented house, was a Castle, Reinhardstein Castle.
We saw some hikers going there every day, so we had to go and check it out for our self of course.
Sadly when we arrived we couldn’t go in, there was a private event going on there.

Ardenne in General
Between La Roche and Hoge Venen is a big difference, at first I didn’t think so.
But if you want to relax more and have more peace and quiet than you should be here instead.
La Roche, Durbuy etc.. Are really nice too.
With small but more villages nearby, it’s still a bit more touristic though and to be honest,
there is a bit more to see.

But I loved that it was quiet and animals are much closer.
In the Morning or when the sun sets you can just see the deer’s passing by while having breakfast or dinner in our ‘garden’.

Love  Debo

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