Highlighter Make up

I’m one of the unfortunate people with dark circles under my eyes, it doesn’t go away with enough sleep or healthy food.
It sucks because most of the time it looks like I’m tired.


‘Awake’ effect
To help me to get that ‘awake’ effect (that’s how I like to call it), I use a illuminated highlighter concealer.
Why a highlighting concealer and not a normal concealer?
Well, concealer helped me a lot over the years but you could always see (on me) that it just wasn’t the right product for me.
I wanted to try something new, so I got myself an illuminated highlighter concealer.

It’s because I get so into make-up lately and reading other beauty blogs, that I learned that concealers with the same tone as my skin only masks imperfections.
Great! But that didn’t help me to get that ‘awake’ look.
But I also learned that highlighting concealers are meant to be 2 tones lighter than your skin to reflect light.
That seems logical to hide the dark circles.

Maybelline Dream Touch lumi 01.
For the moment I’m using Maybelline Dream Touch lumi 01.
This was a quick buy because the one I was actually using ran out faster than I thought.
But anyways, this is a light liquid with a small brush.
You can brush it out and then dab it with a sponge.
It stays on place, I’m really happy about that because most concealers I’ve used come between my eye lines.

Facetune-20170316823460224 Facetune-201703161695895055

Yves saint Laurent touch Eclat.
To come back on my other story, I was using Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.
I bought this by recommendation of the saleslady.
This is also pretty light, I was actually a bit scared that it would be too light because I’m used to my skin tone color.
But I brushed it out, dabbed it with a sponge and I loved the result.
I would definitely buy it again, I think I will switch once in a while.
Or try new similar products 😉



Love Debo

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