Detoxing with Boo tea

After every good thing comes an end, they say.

Well, all that good food and drinks, (drinking 😉 ) it sadly ends when we come home.
At home we try to keep a healthy diet and exercise a lot.
But to give myself an extra boost, I detox every once in a while.
How or what do I use?

I do it in a tea form.
The one I can easily get is Boo Tea.
You can get it in 2 packages, one for 14 days and one for 28 days.
The box contains 2 bags, 1 day time and 1 night-time.
For example, the 14 days package:
You best drink the Day time bag in the morning before breakfast,
and the Night time one, every other 2 nights.
When you drink a tea-tox, make sure that you drink enough water too.
One of the lesser sides is, that you may get a headache, so that’s why you need to drink plenty of water.

Most people don’t like the tea form because of the taste, but I actually like the taste.
But that’s maybe because I’m quite the tea drinker.

Just remember it’s a detox, so don’t get your hopes up to high!
From the day time tea, you will lose some body fluids (= lose weight).
The day time tea is green tea and in most diets it’s known for its loss of body fluids.
With the night-time tea? Well, the bathroom will become your best friend. 😉

Beside the taste, I like this tea, I like to think that it helps me going back to my rhythm.

Love Debo

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