top 5 things to do in Ibiza

Like always, I’ll give you my top 5 things to do ;-).

Even though we didn’t stay that long, I still have a list.
No wonder we all were so tired after our trip.

Boat ride in San Antonio.
I love swimming and chilling and this is ideal to do both.
First chilling, having a drink or a snack, and then snorkelling or peddle boarding.
It fills half your day.


Strolling in old Ibiza town.
The old town is really cosy, you can have dinner with a view or have a lovely dessert.
Even shopping here can be fun. (Shopping is always fun)


Party at Bora Bora 
I like partying in clubs, but beach parties are much more fun.
It seems that Bora Bora is longer open than other beach clubs.
Be careful though, that you stay hydrated enough.
Drinking while under the sun can be dangerous.


Island hopping to Formentera.
When you’re in Ibiza, than you should definitely hop over to Formentera.
It’s only a 30min boat ride to get there, one of the beaches there is claimed to be one of the best in Europe!


 Go to a club.
We chose Amnesie because of the DJ that was playing that night.
You can get tickets about everywhere, so no worries.


Ibiza is a must do, at least once in a lifetime!
I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we did.

Love Debo


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