Gotta Catch em all

I think by now everybody is familiar with the hype around Pokémon.
Well I have mixed feelings about the game and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

Some of my friends play the game and tell me that they go to different cities to look for them.
Even on our trip to Ibiza they were playing Pokémon.
I was thinking if cities would do some promotion to attract people, than there would be much more to it.
So this is what I found.



Most, in fact many restaurants, hotels, shopping streets and attractions have done the same thing.
They all profit a lot because of the hype, to attract customers.
They purchase poke lures as a group to attract Pokémon’s and then watch the magic.
Stats confirm that customers peaked during these moments.


For an example:
Most hotels created a map, educated and informed their staff.
Pokémon go only uses GPS, so there is no reason a player should try to gain access to
different floors of the hotel.
But they make sure to inform their guests about Pokestops and Pokémon gyms to in a way keep them from going to nearby stops.
They often make a promotion for players to encourage them to eat or have a drink at the restaurant/ bar or even to use the spa.
Some hotels even make a contest on social media to use a # when sharing a photo of a Pokémon caught at their hotel
How cool is that if you are a fanatic Pokémon Go player?

How do you know, if that hotel even offers Pokémon’s?
Well I found out that some hotel sites will find them for you.
For an example: is one of those sites.
On the site you can ‘choose’ what your passion is and on that bar you can type Pokémon.
And then they will show you a list of hotels.


I’ve read an article about a guest who made a special request while booking a room.
He asked if they made sure that there were Pokémon’s in the hotel.
This was when the hype just started.
On short notice they made it happen for him.

I hope you can catch ’em all.

Love Debo

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