Hotel Marina Palace Prestige by Intercorp Ibiza 3*

Our hotel was a 5min drive to San Antonio Centre.

When we arrived, we received a great welcome at a nice reception.
We had coupons for free cocktails as a welcome gift.

We booked an apartment in the hotel for 4 persons (+2 children according the booking).
At least that was the plan, we actually were supposed to go with 4 persons.
But a friend wanted to join us, and for us that was no problem at all.
We contacted the hotel to ask for an extra bed, but sadly they said there wasn’t enough room.
To make a long story short, our friend invited his brother and booked a bungalow together.

When we entered our apartment, we were surprised how big it was.
Our balcony was actually really big, it had one big table with 6 chairs and 4 long chairs to chill in.
We had an amazing view over the sea.
We had 2 rooms and each room had its own bathroom (lucky me, because I’m stuck with 4 guys lol). They weren’t ventilated.
We had quite a big kitchen and even a small saloon.
Guess what, you could stretch out the sofa to a bed.
So for me actually there was plenty of space to stay with a 5th person, but anyways.

The hotel has 2 pools, a big one for adults and a smaller one for the kids.
You can also swim in the sea if you want, there is a small platform between the rocks
where you can easily go in for a dive.


On our first evening together we decided to eat at the hotel.
Well, that was a mistake if I may be rude.
Our portions were so small that even with the side dish we ordered we still were hungry..
Just when we thought that this was funny, the laughing stopped when we received the bill.

The staff was really friendly and tried to help us where they could.
If I had to rate the hotel, I think I would give it a 7 out of 10.
We were really bummed out of the food!
Even though they explained us that the 5th person couldn’t fit in our apartment due fire regulation.
I still think there was plenty of room, why else would they say 4 people and 2 kids.

Love Debo

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