Ibiza Party Time

It’s party time!!
Okay, we didn’t party the whole time during our stay.
I think we couldn’t handle that, LOL But if we are here in
Ibiza, anyway we had to go out, just to see what the fuss is all about.

Drinks at West end
Like mentioned in my former blog, we can have some fun in San Antonio.Party Street West End.Here you will
find a long small street, with bars and dance cafes right next to each other.
There are a lot of waiters who try to
get you inside with free shots,but watch out for them, because they are totally not strong or chemical stuff.

Club Amnesia
Our friends wanted to see 1 dj in particular and he was going to play in Club Amnesia.
Amnesia is located near a high way.You can get there with a taxi, normal bus or a party
bus.Amnesia has 2 rooms, so people can enjoy 2 dj’s.We had to pay a ticket in advance but
we didn’t mind that, the price depends on the DJ that is playing that evening.What I
personally didn’t like was that drinks are really expensive, 8 euro’s for a water?Well those
are the club prices, so they say.


Beach party at Bora Bora
Welcome to beach club Bora Bora
Playa d’en bossa is another city like San Antonio but different.
Here you will find more beach clubs and party hotels, like the famous hotel “Ushuaia”.
Our first stop was Bora Bora, friends recommended this place.
The music was good and the people where happy.
We wanted to go to other beach clubs too, but before we knew, it was already late and other beach clubs where
closed, but we didn’t mind because we were having fun.


On our way home we took a party bus without knowing it .
We saw on the bus that it was going to the city where we were staying, so we just jumped in.
It was a fun half hour, everybody’s all dressed up, going out and all in a happy place.

Ibiza is known for a party Island and it truly is!

Partying here is loads of fun, only my wallet disagreed with me.

Love Debo

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