Ibiza town

Welcome to Ibiza town

Ibiza town is 15 min from the airport and has a large boat dock.
Here you can take a ferry-boat to lovely Valencia and Formentera.
The big boats you find here are amazing.

They will probably drop you off at the docks if you go by taxi, but that’s a good meeting point.
Before you hit the old city, you will find the shopping street.
It’s doesn’t take that long before you find the most common stores.
If you want to go to the more exclusive stores, than you should walk through the old town.

The old town is surrounded by a large wall.
The town is uphill and when above you will find an amazing Castle.

There’s an open spot near the castle which has an amazing view of Ibiza’s open sea.
And right before it, you’ll have a dazzling view of Ibiza city and the bay.


While going downhill through the narrow streets, you will find the cutest little restaurants and ice cream bars.
We went home by bus, those are easy to find and cheap to travel by, they have an every half hour departure..


Ibiza town is a must visit, it’s something different from the beach.
And if you don’t have any party clothes any more, than you will definitely find them here.

 Love Debo

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