Boat ride in Ibiza

Summer was around the corner and we still had some free days left.
And so did our friends..

We decided to have some fun in Ibiza.
We all know that Ibiza is the place to be for a good time and to have great parties!
But we didn’t want to party during our whole stay.
So I’m happy to say that Ibiza has more to offer than you’d think.
I was happy that they were pretty easy to hang with, every time I suggested something, they just agreed and followed.
One of our first trips was on a boat at the port of San Antonio.
We payed 40 euros for a private boat that could hold up to 35 people,


eventually the boat left with 16 persons aboard.
The price includes a trip for about 3 hours, including all drinks (besides strong liquors), fresh fruit and all equipment.


What kind of equipment?
Well the boat stops at a beach and a cliff that’s hard to reach by car.
While we stopped, we could use a peddle board, a kayak or snorkeling gear.
That was a lot of fun!



We did this in the afternoon, because it started around 2.30pm until 5.30 pm.
You can do this in the evening too, as from 6.15pm, than you can enjoy a beautiful sunset
and see a small show at a place called mambo (DJ Martin Solveig plays here often!), but the
price is 50 euros for this one.


It didn’t seem that long, but it was more than enough. We had a lot of fun.
Because you’re with a group, you get to meet new people.
We came back totally relaxed and on time, to have dinner.

Love Deborah


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