Mac Lipstick

I’m a big fan of Mac lipsticks, I think they are worth the price.
And who doesn’t want to have a collection of Mac lipsticks right?
I have 3 colors but they’re also 3 different kind of lipsticks.

I have red, brown,  and pink.


Pink was my first love.
I bought it during summer as an impulsive purchase, the color is bright and remains quite long.
It’s a shiny one and it comes off easy.

facetune-20170301628121622  20170228_230447

I wanted a lipstick that wouldn’t leave a stain, which is mat and doesn’t come off easily.
I wanted it in dark red.
So the sales lady recommended me this lipstick.
I love this one but because it’s so mat it makes my lips a bit dry, so I really need to scrub it off.

facetune-201703011691453791  20170228_230159

I chose brown to complete my collection.
This one’s soft mat, so it’s not too rough for the lips
For now this one is my favorite, I use it a lot because if you don’t apply too much it looks kind of nude’ish.

facetune-20170301-1921077694  20170228_230210

Of course I use different brands of lipstick but until now they didn’t disappoint.
I’ll be adding some more to my collection in time, who knows..

Love  Debo

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