Island hopping, Pag Croatia

The Island has a dramatic but romantic look like in the movies.
You can see the bright blue sea surrounding the Island with a moony atmosphere.


Moony Island
Pag is famous for their cheese and wine, while driving you pass by some local wine yards,
where you can do some wine tasting. My kind of relax day lol.
The cheese comes from sheep’s, it has a special taste.
The Island looks like the moon, because the rocks have a salty layer on it.
So that’s why the cheese has that special taste, the grass the sheep’s eat are quite salty as well.

They say that the meat of a sheep is tastier, I couldn’t tell though, I don’t really like meat of a sheep.

The village “Dinjinska” is small and cosy, a bit different than Zadar, but I was happy about that.
If all villages were the same, that would make it a bit boring.
But we didn’t stay long to be honest.
I think it was a friend of my hubby that said that we should check out Zrce beach.
We looked it up and it turned out that it was a party beach.

Zrce Beach
So we drove 15min from Pag village, but we were starting to get worried that we were on the wrong Island, because you couldn’t tell that there was a party going on 15min before.
The road was calm and quiet, then the signs came.
Right before you can go down the street, there’s a taxi stop.
There also was a pay booth for the parking lot but we didn’t mind.
There’s also a bus that stops inside.
Once inside, it was beach club after beach club.

The beach was again with small stones, you could hire chairs and a big or small umbrella.
You could do all sort of water sports here, jet ski, banana boat, air pillow and bungee jumping..

They have a festival every year, but it looks like a festival every day.
Zrce beach has everything you need, the clear blue sea, water sports, food (even a small
fruit bar), drinks and of course music!
But about every club asks an entrance fee, but there are a lot of tickets sellers walking around.
So you could easily get a good deal.


The island Pag is loads of fun!
From just relaxing, sipping wine and eating cheese, to party and dance until late in the afternoon.
It’s a nice difference between Split and Zadar.

love Debo


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