My first make-up blog, Mac foundation

One of my New Year resolutions for 2017 is to focus a bit more on make-up and beauty products.
I kind of neglected that in my blog, I’m sorry for that.


First of all, I’m totally NOT a make-up artist, so don’t expect any make up tutorials ;-).

Several days I’ve tried creams from different brands, but up to now it wasn’t a success.
I get small allergic reactions on my forehead, so for now, my daily routine is to wash my face with lukewarm water.

So as for my first make up product, I tell you about my foundation.
Since I don’t use day crème, I use the foundation as my first base

I use MAC studio fix fluid, NW 25

I just went to a MAC store and asked for advice, like I said I’m not a pro so every advise is welcome!
I told her I quickly get a shiny skin, so I prefer something mattifying.
She looked at me and tested 2 foundations and I ended up with NW 25


For people like me I advise them to ask the sales person.
One time I bought what I thought was best for me, well I kind of looked like a carrot or the other time I looked like a ghost, but every time my face was quickly greasy and of course shiny.

I don’t use foundation all the time, by that I mean when I’m traveling I try to get a tan fast, so I don’t have to use make up besides eyeliner.

This foundation covers real quick and stays quiet long.
And like promised, it’s mattifying.
After I finish this one I’m going to try another, which one? I don’t know yet, but I’ll keep you updated.

The nice thing about MAC store is that they keep client history.
So if I need the same products but I can’t remember the name they look it up for you.

Love Debo



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