Croatia in general

I love Croatia, it has so many things to offer!!

From Island hopping and city tripping to waterfalls and lakes.
You will always have something to see or do!


You can travel around Croatia with your own car or rent one.
We rented a small car of the company of Hertz.
They asked if we wanted a full insurance, our first thought was: every company asks that
to get an extra buck.
But then my hubby explained that he had a bad experience once in spain.
The outcome would have been more expensive then the insurance.
And after looking back, I’m happy that we did that.
Because Croatia has a lot mountains, and it can get windy sometimes, small rocks can get
on the road.

You can easily travel with a campervan and visit other countries nearby too.
there are a lot of campings site’s in Croatia, with a campervan you can see a lot more.

The road signs are pretty clear to follow.
When you get to the highway you need to pay a tol, it’s not so expensive.
But you can take an other road too if you like, the road is much longer but the view is much

Even though Croatia is a european country, they still have their own coin, Kuna.
Croatian people are proud and traditional people, but really friendly.

Like in every country, you should try to look for several exchange moneybooths, some are
asking more commission than other.

I hope you can enjoy Croatia just like we did.

Love Debo

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