What about Krka and Paklenica?

We also did 2 other national parks, 2 other than Plitvice.
One of them is Krka and the other Paklenica.

Both parks are registered in UNESCO world heritages, sounds promising don’t you think?Let me first tell you about Krka.

Swimming at Krka
It was a hot day when we left to Krka, we saw that you could go for a swim if you like, but
we remembered that Plitvice was a bit crowed, so we left with a small heart.

We made a small error by parking quit far from the starting point.
But looking back I don’t mind, because we walked through a small village.
Half of the buildings are empty, and the other half are more used for touristic reason.

What we didn’t know was, that you have to take a small boat to get to the starting point.
And of course, there was line until outside at the ticket station.
There is a boat every half hour, after waiting 15min in the sun we got hop on.
It’s a 10 to 15 min ride with the boat, on the way you got a pretty nice view.

When we arrived I got exited but that turned around fast.
The place was packed, totally full.
You can use the toilet for a small fee, have a drink and eat or have a healthy snack.
But I do have to admit that this place is beautiful and that we are all lucky that you can swim here.
You can do lot’s more than just swimming of course, there is a walking route that you can take.
But I have to confess that we didn’t do that, it was way too hot.
So we just sat around, we tried swimming but the water was so cold.
I saw people taking picture in the water and I was determinate to have some pictures like that too!

So we put our stuff near a tree where we could have an eye on it, and headed in the water.
Take your time getting in, not only is the water cold but there are big rocks.
Slowly I got to the point where I wanted my photo.
And yes of course I fell a couple of times and almost lost my slippers.

Looking back I kind of feel bad, that my bad mood had stopped me to explore some more of the park.
My tip for Krka is that you leave on time and get your ticket.
If possible, buy your ticket online that saves you some time.
Our next and last park is Paklenica.
On our last day the sun wasn’t always there, so swimming was a bit too cold for me. It was still around 25°c.
So that’s an ideal weather to visit another National park.

Hiking in Paklenica
This time it was bit different.
Paklenica is more for hikers or mountain climbers.
We thought let’s just take a tourist walk, nothing too hard because we didn’t had the proper shoe’s.
They told us it takes about 2 too 2hours and half to get to the mountain cabin.
We looked at our small map and it looked like a circle, so we thought that the walk will
take us about 3 to 4 hours.
On the road you will find some history, you can see an old tunnel that was made back in
the days when it was a war in Croatia.

You will find information signs about wild animals that could maybe be in the area, such
as wild bears, wolf’s, snakes, wild cats and a Lynx.
But again no worries they have rarely been seen by tourists.

Just like in Plitvice, you have a bat cave but it was still 30 min from the road that we are on

The route goes right next to river, so once in a while you could cool of, there weren’t too many people here so it was quite nice to listen to the river.

Finally we got to the cabin and had a drink, it’s a real simple cabin with a French toilet, you could even have a small swim but it’s nothing special though.
I think it’s just there to cool off.


So we wanted to head back down, and follow our route.
But we were wrong! It turn out that the other half of the circle is a path to go to a mountain top and then a really steep and dangerous way down.
We were complaining that our feet hurt and that it was hot.
On the way to the cabin hut, you could fill up your water bottle if you like.
The water is fresh out of the mountain.
But on the way back there was nothing because there was no river around, so no water stops.


When finally got down we drank 1l water.
What was supposed to be a 3 to 3 hours and half walk turned out to be a 6 hour walk.
We hiked for more than 6hours, I fell down about 3 times but man.
What a view!

Read the map properly!
Bring extra water and if you do take a different route wear heavy shoes

Love Deborah

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