The Beautiful waterfalls of Plitvica

I’ll bet most of you already heard of Plitvice, but yet, how can you not know about this world heritages park.

Our first park was Plitvice.
You have 2 entrances, a parking 1 and 2.
I think we took the second one, because there you can start from the foot of the waterfalls.
The entrance was about 15 euro’s per person, not that expensive.
The price included: a small map, a boat trip and a train trip.

You can choose how long you want to walk around, depending what route you choose.
We choose the B (2) walk, this was supposed to be a walk for about 3 and half hours.


It takes an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours to get to the pick nick spot.
Here you can fresh up, have a bite and go to the toilet.
From here, you can take a boat to cross the lake.
Once there, you can take a train and that’s it.

I was bummed that we were finished already, but..
We didn’t know that there were walking routes around the lake.
So we headed back on foot, we took the route on the edge of the lake.
It was muddy and slippery, but a lot of fun.
Almost at the end of our walk I saw a wild snake, I think the whole park heard me lol.
It was a small one though, I just panicked a bit.
Once back at the pick nick spot, we took a different way to go back.

The other route takes you more uphill, so we had a different view of the waterfalls.
It was more quite, because this route was a bit rougher due to the uphill part.
On the way back you have a ‘bat cave’, you need to go down a slippery stair.
It’s slippery because the cave is near the waterfalls, but we didn’t see them because it was
too crowed.


You should wear easy shoes and don’t be afraid to get them dirty.
Bring loads of water! Although you can fill them up at the pick nick spot if you like.
You can buy lunch here, but you can bring your own food too if you like.

Love Debo


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