After sun Yves Rocher

I just came back from Croatia and as you can read: I had a great time and as you can see: I had an awesome tan!

I did get a little sunburn though because it was really hot and sometimes we weren’t able to put on sunblock.
After we took a shower to get refreshed, we always put on aftersun, not only because we were had a sunburn, but also because I use it as bodymilk on my legs.
In addition and more importantly, I like the scent of aftersun.

I got my self a small bottle of Yves Rocher aftersun that I could bring along my hand luggage.


What does it promise:
Restore, care for and moisturizes the skin after sunbathing.
The skin is intensely hydrated and soothed, restored from damage due to the sun again
and feels more flexible.
You’re golden brown skin glows/radiates and stays longer brown.

What did I experienced?
It calmed my skin and felt super soft.
 But unlike some aftersun creams, this one wasn’t refreshing and this cream felt greasy.
This is great for my legs but not pleasant for the rest of my body when walking in high
I do have to say that after applying the aftersun, my sunburn didn’t bother me anymore.
and like it promised my ‘golden brown skin’ stayed longer wich eventually was true.

Love Debo

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