Next stop Split and Trogir, Croatia

If you think that Zadar is Amazing with their Medieval Architecture, then you should definitely visit Split!


Split is the second largest city in Croatia.
It has an amazing mall and on top of that, it was sales!!
Luckily I had some room to spare.

When you go to the old city, you will see a lot of influences of Ancient Italy.
In the pictures you will see what I mean.


Sight seeing in Split
The city Split is a blend of ancient and modern, but most tourist tend to go to the old city.

We went to the Cathedral of St, Domnius right in the middle of the old city, wait, I’m kind of saying it wrong, it’s right in the middle of Diocletian’s Palace.

The palace takes half the old city, and of course you had to pay a small fee to enter the top
of the Cathedral.
But you could go whole the way up, and once up there, you have a dazzling view of Split.
You have a 360° view of whole of Split and some Islands nearby.

You could also visit the crypt down below and visit the Cathedral inside.
We didn’t do that, not that I thought it wasn’t interested but once again, you had to pay a fee.
And out of principle, we didn’t do it.
If you would pay it once for the whole church, then we would agree.

At the entrance of the Cathedral you have The Peristyle of Diocletian’s, it looks like a small senate of old romans.
A cafe had the creative idea and put pillows and tiny tables, so you can have a seat and a drink.

The ruins of Diocletian’s Palace can be found throughout the city.
You can find a map where everything is in details, from old buildings to bars and from a cafe to a toilet.
Oh yeah ladies you will like this, there are a lot of public CLEAN toilets in the area!


In 1979 the palace was placed on UNESCO list
We saw 2 couple’s getting their wedding pictures taken, I’ll bet they will look pretty good with that kind of background.
We didn’t stay for dinner but went to a village that is about 20min away from Split.

Welcome to Trogir.
My hubby wanted to visit Trogir because it was on the road back.
When I looked it up, I thought oh boy, another fishermen village, but I was wrong!
Trogir is actually small mini Island that is connected  through a small bridge.
Right away we were strolling around and ended up at the docks where you’ll find the
Fortress Kamerlengo, and again this was built with italian influence, this time, the
Republic of Venice.

Back in the 14th century they used this place mainly for performances during the summer.
They were actually building a stage at the time we where there.
You can go in side the Fortress Kamerlengo for 25kuna, you can go in the tower and have a
cool view of Trogir and Ciovo, Ciovo is the island right across Trogir.

The historic centre has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage.
I think half of Croatia is on that list, LOL
We had dinner at this cute little place called Konoba Toma, because it was so hot that day
and we wandered the whole day.
I felt sticky and I couldn’t stand to sit and eat in those small streets, so when I saw this
place I had to sit there!
It’s still in those small cozy streets but its a level up, so I don’t have the rush feeling in my
back of tourist doing the same thing as us.
Enjoying the best kept medieval village of europe.
The Restaurant is great btw, awesome service, I felt sad for the guy, he worked so hard
that day.
keep up the good job!

Although Trogir is really small, we saw 4 churches a big square and a Fortress, and we saw
this in the tower of the Fortress.
So I do really recommend that you should visit Trogir it’s only 20min from Split.

Love Deborah

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