Zadar Best European best destination 2016

We just came back from Croatia and I can tell you that it has been awesome!

We had our inspiration from the annual tourism fair.

We actually didn’t know so much about Croatia.
We looked it up and noticed that there is so much to see, so we decided to rent a car.
Eventually we drove about 1600km, pretty much for only 8 days, don’t you think?

The village we stayed
Let me first tell you about the cities and villages we did.
We stayed near a small village called ‘Starigrad’.
It’s a cute village near the sea-side, a typical fishermen village.
It’s only 1km away from the national park ‘Paklenica’.

Just enough to do 
Actually there is not so much to see, but you have everything you need.
There are some restaurants, bars, a local supermarket and a Bakery.
The sea is right in front of you and behind you are the mountains, it’s a different scenery
then most of us are used to.

you will notice that between June and August this little fishermen village becomes quite busy.
There isn’t really a beach, but you can still have a swim near the docks.

The next stop was ‘Zadar’.
Did you know that Zadar received an award to the ‘Best European best destination 2016’?
We didn’t know this until right after we came back home, that’s when we saw that, LOL.
You can easily reach Zadar, it’s not that far from the airport and from the village where we
When you come in the center it looks like a normal urban city, but when you reach the
heart of Zadar, it feels like you jumped back into time.


The old city
The old city is protected by a large wall, and is surrounded by historical and
archaeological monuments of medieval times.
That means small and narrow streets and  closed squares, with in each square an
important building.
Near the docks are 2 creative tourist hot spots.



Hot spots to see
One of them is The Sea Organ, this is a unique architectural miracle built-in the
underwater part of the docks.
The hitting waves, passing through the pipes, creates a unique sound (music).
It’s not that musical, you sit right next to it and listen to the ‘music’ the sea makes and
make sure you come down here to watch the sun set!


And then you have ‘Greeting to the sun’, an interesting place to visit as it goes dark.
Random colors, light appear and run around the salutation of the sun.
The greeting to the sun exist of 300 multilayered glass plates installed at the same level as
the stone paving of the quay in the shape of a circle, about 22 meters in diameter.
In the evening, power from the sun helps to lighten a circle, where every body can enjoy
the light show.
It’s presented with a whole solar system, planets and their orbits.

Both of these unique pieces are created by Nikola Basic, the architect.
What a creative idea.

Love Debo

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