La roche en Ardenne Childhood memories

Let me tell you about a place back home in Belgium.


La Roche en Ardennes, is located at the French part of Belgium and was my second home when I was 10 until 13.

We used to come here every summer, now we visit every 3 years for a weekend.



Camping in Vecpré
Camping Cosmopolite in Vecpré is 5min away from the village of La Roche.We always took
our tents.We have our own small ground we can camp on, but for a small price you can
rent a place for a couple of nights.
 There is a public shower and you need to get the key at the front office.There is a small
swimming pool and a renewed playground for the kids.
But we almost never used the swimming pool because the river was much more fun!

The camping is right next to the river l’Ourthe, can you imagine it already?
A quite night, a hot burning campfire crackling, and in the background the sound of the
river running downhill, those were the nights.

The village
The small village La Roche en Ardennes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in
the Ardennes.With right in the centre a Castle ruins, Le Chateau Feodal, Is a big part of our
It was in use between the 9th and 18th centuries, the castle provided protection.
But in world war II, The big proud Castle suffered a lot of damage.
You can visit the castle, it’s 5 euro to enter, but it includes a free bird show.
You can also enjoy a drink, at the local cafeteria with a view.


In the evening you should have a drink, somewhere with a good view of the castle. Because
the summer period, there’s a ‘Ghost story’ every night.

Right in the centre of the village you can eat at a great Pizza place, it’s been here since I
was young.


It’s easy to find, because there’s only one pizzeria on the ‘main’ road of the centre.
You probably need to make a reservation in the afternoon to be certain though.

Be outdoors
You can also
do kayaking, go mountain biking or hike.
Or if you’re not an active person you can go play mini golf or go fishing!

La Roche en Ardennes has a special place in my heart.
It’s an old place that has a lot of memory for me.
I love the smell of the bakery in the morning, you can tell (smell) they do it the old school
And then after, at the butchery you can get your fresh bread spreads on the Ardennes

If you’re an outdoor person you can stay here for a longer period,but you will need a car,
because in the Ardennes everything tends to be far away from eachoter.
I like to come here during summer for the weekend.

Love Debo

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